There are fake Keihin PWK carbs on some far east websites - and sold locally

They use images of genuine Keihin in Sudco packaging

Do not be fooled by something that is half the price of the genuine product!

Keihin PWK Non Air Striker Carburetor

Producing power without compromise

Keihin PWK carburetors set the standard for ATV, motocross, and offroad racing

Because of there great performance, they come stock on a lot of leading brand names

PWK features include:
- Chromed semi-flat (D shape) throttle valve for excellent response and more flow at high RPM
- Throttle Bores sized to give maximum power

Keihin PWK33mm
Standard jetting specification (016-148)  Size
Main jet 165
Pilot jet 52
Jet needle 48-CGL
Throttle valve cutaway 6.0
Float height (mm) 16
Descrition/Mark PWK33/S46


Dimensions (mm) - see diagram

Size A B C D
33 42 59 91 164.3


Note; pilot & main jet change can be made at no cost  (subject to stock availability)

Other options subject to quotation

Spare parts readily available including a wide range of jets


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