Keihin CR26 Special sidedraft carb 

Keihin Roundslide CR carburetors. Designed for use on sidedraft four-stroke motorcycle engines.

Features include

- Improved throttle response

- Direct linkage to slides provides more precise control than vacuum slide carburetors

- Expected 10% power gain

- Smooth venturi design produces stronger power than original equipment carburetors using butterflythrottle valves

-Race fuel capability

- Available for petrol or alcohol use (Rejetting required when using alcohol or methanol. Kit available as an option)

- Ready to bolt-on and run - supplied complete with mounting spigots, velocity stacks and velocity stack covers

Available size


Note: Intake length can be adjusted with optional mounting adapter spigots

Most replacement and tuning parts readily available

Model Year  Type/Size
CB400F  1975/77 CR26

Price will vary with rate of exchange! 


Data sheet

Inside diameter

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