Castrol RADICOOL SF Coolant Concentrate

Silicate-free antifreeze suitable for many different motorcycles.

Effective engine cooling over a wide temperature range and in all climatic conditions.

Excellent corrosion protection and cooling performance for engines with cast iron or aluminium components, and cooling systems with aluminium or copper alloys. 

Castrol Radicool SF works optimally in a 1:1 mix ratio with water.

This provides protection down to -37°C plus outstanding corrosion protection.

Do not use Castrol Radicool SF undiluted!

Important! Silicate-free formulation - only use if actually specified by the manufacturer!


- Longer operational life by allowing extended drain intervals of 3 years plus.

- Longer life - reduced costs and less possibility of harm to the environment.

- Protection against cavitation corrosion and rust.

Specification data

- BS6580:2010

- ASTM D3306(1)

- ASTM D4985

- AS2108-2004

- JIS K2234

- IS : 5759

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Castrol Coolant

Castrol Anti Freeze

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